Friday, April 24, 2015

Artists in Conversation: Pelican Bomb

I had the pleasure of recording a conversation with my mentor, Naomi Shersty, in January. It has been transcribed and published on

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Digital Native Film Festival at The Front

The events committee at The Front is gearing up to host a really excellent selection of films for our first open call shorts festival. We are excited to host an international selection of 32 video artists whose work explores concepts of mistranslations, glitches, and failures when combining new and old technical methods in their video making process.

Still from Anouchka Oler's Episode 2

Artists include:
Vanessa Centeno (USA)
Jason Childers (USA)
Megan Erwin (USA)
Liliana Farber (Israel)
Jessica Fenlon (USA)
Scott Fitzpatrick (Canada)
Dakota Gearhart (USA)
Bob Gelle and Chee Wang Ng (USA)
Patty Harris (USA)
Lin Tzu Huan (Taiwan)
Madukhai Kaylin (USA)
John C. Kelley (USA)
Hye Young Kim (USA)
Chris King (USA)
Krefer (Brazil)
Peter Kusek (USA)
Christine Lucy Latimer (Canada)
Derek G. Larson (USA)
Maria Lino (USA)
Rebecca Nadjowski (USA)
Adam Scott Neal (USA)
Anouchka Oler (France)
Edward Ramsay-Morin (USA)
Banfield Rees (UK)
Kara Schmidt (USA)
Eric Souther (USA)
Matthew Thompson (USA)
Kelsey Velez (USA)
Matt Whitman (USA)
Tina Willgren (Sweden)
Dustin Zemel (USA)
John Zobele (USA)

Still from Derek Larson's H(TM)L5 or The Longest Mantra

Still from Peter Kusek's TIAGA (These Impulses Are Greatly Amplified)

Lee Deigaard
Imen Djouini
Cristina Molina
Ryn Wilson