Sunday, October 12, 2014

Back to the Front

I have a piece in a group show at the Front, open Ocotober 11- November 2, 2014.

The Great Escape, 2014, Digital Photograph, Suitcase, Sand


Back to front, present/future, top to bottom, inside/out, The Front draws back the curtain for your viewing pleasure. With Freudian Glaciers, Horses at the Museum, Great Escapes, Desert Cinema, Hunting & Gathering, and more.
Rated F. For all audiences.
In conjunction with Prospect 3, The Front presents all new work by member artists:
Angela Berry
Brooke Pickett
Claire Rau
Cristina Molina
Eddie Lanieri
H. Cole Wiley
Imen Djounini
Jamie Solock
Jessie Vogel
John Isiah Walton
Jonathan Traviesa
Kyle Bravo
Lee Deigaard
Megan Roniger
Ryn Wilson
Stephanie Patton

The Front • 4100 St. Claude Avenue • New Orleans, LA 70117 • Saturday & Sunday 12 to 5 pm