Thursday, January 1, 2015

Videoextravaganza #3 – Translocations, or on how presence in space can change (you)

My short film Parallel Realms is now screening in a funtional S-train station in Vallensbæk, Norway as part of a public art event put on by the Digital Interactive Art Space. It will run from December 18th - February 15th, 2015.

The exhibition is about how we, as humans, constantly have to adapt to the situation, we are in. To ‘fit in’ and to create meaning and re-create ourselves in a changing everyday-life, where we are constantly challenged by factors outside ourselves. The philosopher Jean-Francois Lyotard talks about this condition as ‘the collapse of the great narratives.’ As individuals we are aware of differences, diversity and the incompatibility between our wants and convictions – we can no longer explain our world in alignment with the traditional all-encompassing models established through political systems and religious convictions. The post-modern time we live in, is characterized by an overflow of small stories, we put together to a whole that makes sense for each one of us.
The title Translocations, or on how presence in space can change (you) refers on the one hand to the dynamic relationship between the individual and the circumstances we are part of. On the other, it refers to the troubles of translation that occurs, when we time and time again must re-create and re-interpret the specific situation. Is that even possible? Or is it a case of individual and place interacting in some kind of paradoxical or random interaction?
The exhibition theme tackles the way people experience and construct relation between cause and effect to create meaning. The pieces are selected with the wish to examine the contradictory relations not immediately explained by common logic of cause and effect.
Finally, the exhibition highlights a site-specific condition. DIAS as an art space is based on a ‘something’ which is placed in an unexpected and new context  – the ‘translocation’. The art space disrupts the traditional framing of art, to allow digital art, digital logic and artistic strategies interplay with reality and the city space.

Parallel Realms, 2012-2013
Video, loop, color, 4:37 min.

The work is a commentary on the difficulties that can arise, when we repeatedly recreate and reinterpret ourselves in a specific situation, and how we as humans constantly have to adapt to the situation – both to “fit in” and to find meaning, thus being able to recreate ourselves in a changing everyday life, where we are constantly challenged by external factors.
In the video Ryn Wilson explores, with a lovely understated humor, the experience of placing oneself in a new context and thus be either participating in or observing the reality that is right there. By projecting herself into a film, the artist toys with our perception of, what it is we see. She thus becomes both a character in the fictional world and a critic who comments on the absurdity of the impact a film has on its viewers. She becomes both voyeur and exhibitionist at the same time.